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November 8, 2016

1. Your body is a chemical factory

Your body is a chemical factory that generates energy and removes wastes out of your body.  The fuel is the foods and the oxygen that the body consumes everyday.  

You eat the plants or animals and convert the stored energy into your energy.  In the process of the energy transfer from the plants and animals to your body, you inhale Oxygen (O) and exhale C...

February 26, 2016

Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes Tuberculosis (TB) is tested by a test called “LAM-ELISA” and this test kit was made before 2009.

On August 27, 2009, Biomed Central reported that Urine LAM-ELISA does not appear to be useful as an independent diagnostic test for pulmonary tuberculosis. A trial of the new diagnostic found that it was only capable of identifying 50.7 percent of TB cases and this...

April 13, 2015

If two facts complete a cause and effect, the cause and effect must be ruled without discretion in vaccine courts.    A justice must not abuse discretion to deny a scientific fact because it lacks qualification to do so. 

One fact is that the ingredient of vaccines is fungi (yeast).  The other fact is that autism has been reportedly treated by antifungal medicines....

April 4, 2015

Seeking a second opinion is a threat to unethical healthcare providers who are predetermined to hide their medical errors so that they can avoid the medical discipline or medical malpractice lawsuits by removing the evidence (patients=children) from the custodial parents minimum 1 year until the statute of limitation to file a lawsuit against them is exhausted.

The associated medical facilities are...

April 4, 2015

A computer vaccine program is helpful only if the computer malware is known to the programmer because the computer vaccine program will decode the malware code and delete the code.   However, a medical vaccination does not always work the same as a computer vaccine program works because pathogens that are used to make those vaccines mutate their genes to survive from the hosts' antibodies once the...

March 21, 2015

When our bodies are infected by pathogens (light scramblers) that always yield acids in the hosts by scrambling the light at 380 nm wavelength in UV range, mutants are formed to make our human antibody system confused between our own cells and foreign cells.

Only the way for the pathogens to survive from antibodies is transferring pathogenic genes (Horizontal Gene Tranfer) to the hosts.   Our cellu...

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