What causes your body to be acidic?

When our bodies are infected by pathogens (light scramblers) that always yield acids in the hosts by scrambling the light at 380 nm wavelength in UV range, mutants are formed to make our human antibody system confused between our own cells and foreign cells.

Only the way for the pathogens to survive from antibodies is transferring pathogenic genes (Horizontal Gene Tranfer) to the hosts. Our cellular intelligence determines that those mutants are dangerous so start killing ...all hybrid cells. We call this situation "autoimmune diseases".

However, autoimmune diseases are a result of an intelligent immune response to destroy hybrid cells (half human and half microorganisms) to burn the bridge between human cells and foreign cells. Otherwise, the mutants (cancerous cells) will eventually kill you.

Parasitic fungi produce Ergosterol, Lanosterol, and Cholesterol while bacteria and virus do not.

They cause mitochondrial diseases because they also have mitochondria while bacteria and virus do not have mitochondria. However, bacteria and virus also scramble the light in the hosts causing our bodies to be acidic. But they don't make Cholesterol.

Infections result in lowering frequency of your body by shifting the metabolic pathway and that is why you feel cold and cancer brains are measured at about 40 MHz while genius brains are measured at about 80 MHz. To solve this problem, you eat alkaline foods or receive sunlight which is the source of alkaline properties.

Your LDL Cholesterol is the best indicator of a chronic infection that can be controlled by the daily sunlight that kills off mutants producing Vitamin D as a result.

Find out more at Jane Lim's The Silent War Within: Biochemstry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

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