The connections between Vaccines, GMO Vitamins and Autoimmune Diseases

A computer vaccine program is helpful only if the computer malware is known to the programmer because the computer vaccine program will decode the malware code and delete the code. However, a medical vaccination does not always work the same as a computer vaccine program works because pathogens that are used to make those vaccines mutate their genes to survive from the hosts' antibodies once they had been injected to the bodies.

Invasive fungal spores in the air change forms in the hosts and become parasitic. The parasitic fungi are capable of mutating their genes in the hosts only to survive from the hosts' antibodies. The situation where the hosts decide to kill off all mutated cells, is called autoimmune diseases such as autism or cancer.

GMO vitamins that are produced with fungal genes are also capable of causing harms to humans and animals. If you have ever coughed after you had taken Vitamin B12 and have diarrhea after you had taken Coenzyme Q10, it is a great sign that your body is resisting the parasitic fungal genes that are used to make those GMO vitamins. Vaccines and GMO vitamins can exacerbate the fungal infections in the people who are hosting those parasitic fungi to which nobody is immune.

If you suffer mostly at night from acids which are the metabolites (end product) of the parasitic fungi, you are likely in the early stage cancer that has been neglected by your healthcare providers.

If you are extremely sensitive to sunlight, and get easily sick from almost all foods except vegetables, you must not wait until you are suddenly diagnosed with the final stage of cancer.

Find out more at Jane Lim's The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases

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