Why is a second opinion a threat to pediatricians and why would they require 1 year to remove childr

Seeking a second opinion is a threat to unethical healthcare providers who are predetermined to hide their medical errors so that they can avoid the medical discipline or medical malpractice lawsuits by removing the evidence (patients=children) from the custodial parents minimum 1 year until the statute of limitation to file a lawsuit against them is exhausted.

The associated medical facilities are financially connected with the high-risk local governmental agencies that became the State auditors' target to investigate in California under Government Code § 8546.10 and that receive state and federal grants per child taken away from the custodial parents whenever a new patient (child) had been admitted to the medical facilities and was later moved under the State custody. This Medical Kidnap is like a give and take system where cash flows from a giver to a taker and the taker to the giver.

In the 19th century, children were thought taken to be changelings by the superstitious, and therefore abused or murdered. It was reported that the diseases with symptoms that match the description of changelings in various legends were Spina bifida, Cystic fibrosis, PKU, Progeria, Down syndrome, Homocystinuria, Williams syndrome, Hurler syndrome, Hunter syndrome, Regressive autism, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Cerebral palsy.

The above names are the nicknames of opportunistic or pathogenic infections. The underlying cause to murder the innocent children (named as changeling) in the 19th century was the lack of medical knowledge about infectious diseases. Those children appear to be disabled children or mentally ill children because their illness started at the stage of embryonic development, which can easily be affected by parasitic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and virus. Parasitic fungi are capable of mutating DNA of embryos by Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT).

However, in the 21st century, gifted and talented children, socially proactive, highly recognized for the great citizenship cannot avoid being victimized by this epidemic Medical Kidnap so that those unethical healthcare providers can get away from the medical malpractice lawsuits by removing the evidence (children) from the custodial parents who must prove the medical errors by the second opinion in the medical malpractice lawsuits and must file a suit against those unethical healthcare providers within the statute of limitation. Many of the children reportedly died while they were placed in the fostercare homes because of their illness.

The more you know, the better you can fight back against the unethical and incompetent healthcare providers. You can build your knowledge to fight against the Medical Malpractice.

Author Jane Lim analyzed, in her book, the intentional and unintentional causes of the medical malpractice and suggested the possible remedies to fix the corrupt systems and provided the in-depth biochemistry knowledge for patients and their parents who do not know which medical records may be the best evidence without further tests, which lab tests are likely misinterpreted by those corrupt healthcare providers, which further tests may be necessary if the patients have never taken any tests.

Find out more at Jane Lim's The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

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