Beings of Light and Scramblers of Light

It is a lack of knowledge to believe that spiritual people deny science. It is also a lack of knowledge to believe that scientists deny God or spirit. A supernatural deity is called God or Godly divinity. In fact, humans are also supernatural beings depending upon how you think of photonic energy. Are photons from the sunlight supernatural to you? If yes, you may be supernatural to yourself. If not, there is no supernatural phenomenon. Everything can be explainable only if you build sufficient knowledge. The matter is whether we have the capacity to process the information (knowledge).

Wireless (IR or radio frequency) communication between two electronic objects would have been a supernatural phenomenon to people born before 1895. This IR or Radio frequency is a component of the sunlight.

Your body absorbs and emits this energy within the frequency of your body. Therefore, you are a being of light that is transmitted from the sunlight. This is the reason why your body can be measured by electromagnetic devices as well.

Alkaline properties such as Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium are essential catalysts to transfer the solar energy to your body. If your body lacks these metal alkali atoms that will absorb and emit the light, your frequency will become lower. Cancer patients have lower frequency than healthy people do.

Who is responsible for this change? It is parasitic fungi that scramble the light and die off at 380 nm wavelength in the UV range. The evidence of this change is acids that are produced by parasitic fungi. When your body loses the light, the maximum penalty is early death having nothing but acids in your body as if an acid battery in your car just died. This is the process of fermentation (early aging is fermenting your body) that you must avoid in order to receive photons from the sunlight that is required to repair your DNA damages.

DNA is composed of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus. These molecules of atoms are repaired whenever they are touched by the photons by destroying parasitic microorganisms that block the photons that are required to maintain the DNA molecules and the parasitic microorganisms that always yield acids by doing so.

Losing this light (photons) means losing life (death). There is no difference between the symptoms of early aging (or early death) and the symptoms of fungal infection. This is also evidence that you are a being of light (radiation) that sometimes requires higher radiation (treatment) to destroy parasitic fungi that scramble your frequency by producing acids and building cancerous cells in your body.

The remedy to fix this lowered frequency is increasing your frequency. How do you increase your frequency by regaining the light to be an undamaged being of light?

You can find out the answers at Jane Lim’s The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

Beings of Light and Scramblers of Light

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