How To Keep Children Cancer-Free

By Jane Lim Updated on November 20, 2022 | Posted August 6, 2015

When the battery of a wireless keyboard dies, the communication between your computer and your keyboard becomes slow or faulty. Human bodies are the same. If your body lost electrons because you ate too much acidic food, your body frequency becomes lower making you feel cold and depressed. The body temperature is not the only problem when your frequency decreases. The accuracy and the capacity to process information by your cellular intelligence would be detrimental as well. Human body is the most advanced biological form that requires electrons to process cellular information that controls your ability to breath, eat, digest, reproduce, learn, memorize, analyze, feel empathy or lonely, work, play music, make love, or have physical activities such as running or swimming, etc.

One of the ways to generate the electrons that your body requires is consuming alkaline foods that would donate the electrons to your body. There are foods that will destroy your electrons or the foods that will donate the electrons to your cells. The foods that will enlighten children’s brains are the foods that can donate the electrons which are transferred from the photons from sunlight. Green leaf that absorbed the photons contains Magnesium (photo-receptors) and Broccoli that absorbed the photons contains Calcium (photo-receptors). Those minerals are the components of the Sun and they can donate the electrons to your body.

How have the brainless jellyfish survived longer than 650 million years? Jellyfish have light-sensing organs called ocelli, which can sense the presence and absence of light. Many jellyfish are able to produce light. They have the ability known as bioluminescence (light emission without heat) which is likely the key to the survival for 650 million years other than their ability to stink by producing venom. They have proteins that undergo a chemical reaction to produce light in response to stimuli such as touch. This light is the key to process information that is required for survival. You can easily understand this process if you understood the mechanism of IR communication between two wireless products.

Your body absorbs and emits the light because your body composition contains those alkaline properties that absorb and emit the light increasing your frequency. Your body cells can process the information to do their jobs by the light that was transferred to the cells.

Now you know what foods you must choose for your children to help them brilliant. Any foods that will increase your frequency are the foods that you must choose. To increase your frequency (times to travel between positively charged atom and negatively charged atom), you will need to increase, in your diet, the amount of alkali atoms (minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron) that will donate electrons to your cells.

Any foods that contain the minerals will make your children brilliant by “enlightening” the atoms (photo-receptors) because the alkali atoms (minerals) will allow the each cell to process information faster and more accurately as much as the frequency increased. However, if your body has excessive acids caused by parasitic fungi that always yield acids in the hosts, Iron in your body will be rusty and Calcium in your body will be discharged as if the calcium battery is discharged resulting in the premature death of the battery. This is how your bone (Calcium) suffers from an infection causing arthritis if you are hosting parasitic fungi that exist in almost all foods once they are exposed to the air.

Children are our future. If they are ill, our future will be ill-fated. The more brilliant children we have, the brighter future we will have. Feeding your children fermented foods (foods made with fungi) or sugary foods (foods for parasitic fungi) would be the fastest way to get your children age and retard.

The parasitic fungi that shift your metabolic pathway by producing acids in your body is responsible for building cancerous cells which are fungal mutants that mutate their genes to survive from your antibodies. Children can avoid cancer only if their parents evolve to change their diets and keep their environment fungus-free. It is essential to understand the signs of the presence of fungal spores in the air that your children breathe in order to prevent childhood cancer and early aging or death of your children. The diagnosis can be labeled as pneumonia, cancer, bronchitis, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, thyroiditis, arthritis, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, any type of mitochondrial diseases.

Find out more answers to the questions why those alkali atoms such as Magnesium and Calcium can absorb the light, how the electrons can shift the parasitic fungal metabolic pathway and abort building cancer cells, and why the foods that are produced by parasitic fungi or bacteria (fermented foods) destroy electrons at Jane Lim's The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

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