Fungal Infections Appear As Munchausen Syndrome

Wrongfully accused of Munchausen Syndrome

34 years ago, in 1981, in the Court of Appeals of the State of California, three justices Grodin, Racanelli, and Elkington opined for the case of Priscilla E. Phillips. This is the case where the theory of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy made a caring and intelligent mother, Priscilla, who adopted two children from South Korea, convicted of murder.

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy is not listed or discussed as a form of medical diagnosis or mental illness in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. However, this superstitious theory is prevailing in the courts of the U.S. and the U.K. Priscilla's child, Tia likely died of an infectious disease. The evidence of her innocence was ample but still the justices did not allow her to win against the government that made the terrible mistake.

The following comments reveal the fact that the qualified experts have never been called for the case.

“Dr. Taniguchi found Tia to be in good health except for a diaper rash and an ear infection, and prescribed treatment for both.” “Dr. Al Baumann, an ear, nose and throat specialist, examined Tia, found evidence of a low-grade infection, and because of her previous ear infection recommended an operation called a myringotomy, which entails removal of fluid from the ear drums.”

Diaper rash and ear infection is common to babies who are exposed to excessive amount of fungal spores or dust mites.

“Dr. William Leider, a pediatric neurologist from San Francisco Kaiser, was called in to evaluate Tia’s condition, and a variety of tests were performed, including blood sugar and blood calcium tests, a urine culture, a lumbar puncture, X-rays, and an intravenous pyleogram, but the tests revealed no abnormalities.”

Frogs died from cardiac arrest even before any abnormalities can be observed. The fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which is responsible for chytridiomycosis disease, has caused massive frog death on a global scale. A fungal infection can kill organisms silently and rapidly or even slowly. Not many healthcare providers understand that LDL Cholesterol is also made by inhaling fungal spores in the air and LDL Cholesterol has a link to autoimmune diseases which are associated with mitochondrial diseases. The abnormality could have been interpreted by the level of Acids, Histamine, and LDL Cholesterol to measure the level of chronic or acute fungal infections. None of these tests were mentioned in Tia’s case.

“A urine specimen revealed a urinary tract infection for which Dr. Taniguchi prescribed first a sulfur-based antibiotic, which did not appear to help, and then a different antibiotic, which worked successfully. Tia’s ear infection recurred, however, and was twice treated in February.”

The urinary tract and the ear infection were the sufficient indicators of an infection. The symptom of the ear infection cannot be separated from the symptoms of the diaper rash and the urinary tract. The response to a different antibiotic was a good sign that the species that caused the infection responded to the antibiotic that may have been derived from other species of microorganism and the antibiotic may have triggered a bigger problem as seen in the case of Penicillin which is made of Penicillium fungus killing 500 people in the U.S. annually. However, this Prima Facie evidence was neglected in the case.

“Her diet was changed from regular baby formula to clear liquid, but she did not improve. Feeding by mouth was again discontinued, and the diarrhea stopped abruptly. [122 Cal. App. 3d 75]”

Unless the milk was ultrapasteurized, it is likely that Tia’s immune system had responded to the parasitic fungi in the milk and the response had been the diarrhea (Histamine release). Cancer patients are advised not to take unpasteurized milk. Tia should have been advised by her pediatrician not to take unpasteurized milk. There is no good medical reason to exclude or dissociate the high level of White Blood Cells, LDL Cholesterol, or Histamine, Frequent Urine and Diarrhea to diagnose an illness. However, none of these tests has been mentioned in the case even if there may have been flags in the test results.

“Several months after Tia’s death, appellant and her husband adopted another Korean infant whom they named Mindy.” “Dr. Taniguchi proceeded with a series of tests to determine a medical cause for Mindy’s symptoms. Mindy continued to have diarrhea. Sodium levels were abnormally high.” “Mindy had been vomiting and had diarrhea.” “It just seemed incredible that they could even possibly have the same type of problem ....”

It is impossible for Tia’s mother to fake her children’s urinary track or ear infection with Sodium. Diarrhea can be caused by Sodium, which is helpful to flush the pathogens and treat constipation which is often caused by a parasitic fungal infection because parasitic fungi alter the pH balance by shifting the metabolic pathways in the hosts by yielding acids. Tia’s family should have been advised to move out of the home where Tia and Mindy had been infected because pathogens never leave the home. Their household items should have been burnt. Mindy is likely to have suffered from the same symptoms. Time to build antibodies to the pathogens is different. Unfortunately, no healthcare providers provided this answer for the court in 1981.

A British lawyer, Sally Clark was wrongfully convicted of murder of her children in 1999 due to the same theory while her children needed an immediate medical attention from pathologists, microbiologists, biotoxin specialists, toxicologists, allergists, and immunologists. Only a few antibody tests are covered by insurance companies while about 5 million species of fungus were estimated to exist on earth. The level of Histamine could have solved the case if the test had been ordered timely because Sodium does not elevate the Histamine level.

The peanut butter made with the peanuts that had been infected with Aspergillus flavus, aflatoxins from Aspergillus flavus causes a sudden death to animals and humans because aflatoxins will cause Histamine to be released immediately to block the bronchial passage to prevent infections. This is the reason why some children cannot even smell peanut butter.

A significantly common fact in cases of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy is that those mothers are all “loving, cooperative, and appreciative of the care given to their children”. Parents have no incentives from beguiling a physician into performing unnecessary diagnostic and surgical procedures at their expenses risking their children’s lives. The probable causes are missing in all cases involving Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy other than the superstitious belief that those mothers may be witches who wanted to kill their children with no special reason but just evil intention. The opinion of three justices was largely based on the superstitious analysis of the case.

A British doctor, Roy Meadow’s rule of thumb, “unless proven otherwise, one cot death is tragic, two is suspicious, and three is murder” remotely destroyed Priscilla's family in the U.S. His statement self-proves that he had no knowledge on infectious diseases that can discriminatively appear to young children whose immune system is prone to be compromised by pathogens that mutate their genes in the hosts. His statement self-proves that he had no knowledge that pathogens never leave the environment unless remediated.

Neither bacteria nor virus make Cholesterol while fungi do. Neither bacteria nor virus have mitochondria while fungi do. Parasitic fungi make Ergosterol and Cholesterol and horizontally transfer their genes to the hosts. Sodium Bicarbonate has been used by Dr. Simoncini to successfully destroy cancer tumors which are hybrid cells formed by the parasitic fungal mutation in order to survive from human antibodies. Tia’s mother was jailed for the reason that she used Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda - Alkaline) in 1981 while it is sold over the counter as an anti acid solution in 2015.

Denying alkaline effect on pathogens is denying radiation therapy on cancer tumors because those two are using the same catalysts “electrons” to destroy pathogens (electron destroyers) that always yield acids in the hosts and scramble the sunlight (photons are converted to electrons in the bodies) at 380 nm in UV range.

You can find out how alkaline properties which are the component of the Sun such as radiation or Sodium can destroy pathogens that always cause your body to be acidic (vomiting and nausea) at Jane Lim’s The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

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