What is the life-purpose of Cyberhackers and Biohackers?

Computer Misuse Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Anyone participating in or linked to hacking must be aware that the cybercrime is subject to death penalty or life imprisonment in some countries such as the U.K., China, and Nigeria.

Computer Misuse Act (CMA, hacking legislation) via the Serious Crime Act (SCA) 2015 in the U.K. will soon be adopted by many countries because more countries will eventually realize that those three countries made a supreme decision since they are protecting their citizens from foreign cybercriminals who likely have full access to many countries that would be bombarded by those hackers who are likely to avoid those three countries. It is like shifting the water flow from one direction to other directions by blocking one water pipe line. In the U.S., the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) exists against offenders who attempt to cause death knowingly or recklessly allowing life imprisonment.

Loopholes of defective communication software such as chatting programs or email or voice mail systems open doors to those cybercriminals who will abuse the loopholes for legal, political or financial fraud, infringement of intellectual properties, violation of privacy, defamation and identification theft. The loopholes can turn a criminal into a noncriminal or vice versa. Losing identity is a “social death”. Social death is no different from biological death because humans cannot live away from society. Therefore, it is pointless to argue whether the general hacking is life-threating or not.

All hacking activities must be considered as capital crimes because the infected accounts can infect more accounts so the crimes are unstoppable and the damages are too great to repair. There is no logical reason for citizens to bear the burden to keep those criminals alive in prisons which only increases tax.

You may have seen your friends’ Facebook accounts that have posted posts or comments that your friends would never write or you may have noticed that your friends could not read your posts and messages, or that your friends started asking your bank account number or your login id and password. You have probably not known the fact that their accounts had been hijacked by hackers and their messages had been altered by the hackers.

Alteration may result in civil lawsuits. Politicians may also abuse the loopholes to alter comments and posts to defame opposing politicians using your social media accounts. The alteration may also affect the credibility of presidential election polls.

Your phone conversations are heard and recorded by hackers and your electronic applications are not delivered to your employers or your business partners but are delivered to the hackers who will steal your personal information and who will contact those recipients using your accounts. Your important phone or email messages are altered by the hackers or spoofed so you never receive important messages from your friends, coworkers, employers, lawyers, business partners or schools. These troubles are enough to understand why billions of people make a wish that all hackers should die today.

Many countries are facing the turmoil caused by those hackers. However, people are blindly using such easily hackable systems every day. This situation is very much like the situation where in the last 2 years over 70 holistic doctors were supposedly murdered by bioterrorists who turn harmful foods and drugs into products to sell. The authority has been helpless to arrest the killers. Instead, the FDA mandated the harmful drugs such as vaccines that have killed 3,000-4,500 people (reference: Centers for Disease Control) in every year and approved those harmful foods such as GMO vitamins to be sold and prescribed in the market. However, consumers are blindly consuming such harmful foods and drugs.

Shamefully, some websites in the U.S. sell spyware disguising it as a protective program for kids. If a country does not immediately legislate an enforceable law that should suppress criminal minds, the country will be completely occupied by potential criminals unless the country makes buying and selling hacking software illegal and impose the death penalty to those buyers and sellers. The terrified ethical citizens will emigrate from the country to secure their safety. As of June 2016, the State department’s consular section estimated that there are 9 million non-military U.S. citizens living abroad, an increase (225%) from the 4 million estimated in 1999.

Electronic devices such as computers and phones are hacked by spyware and malware. Likewise, human bodies are also hacked by parasitic microorganisms. The unnecessary evils malfunction both the hardware and the software of the infected devices and the infected human bodies.


Parasitic microorganisms mutate the hosts’ genes by horizontally transferring their genes (Horizontal Gene Transfer) to the hosts and destroy the optimal biological environment for humans by shifting the human metabolism to their own. Therefore, humans are no longer 100% humans once infected. The final stage of the fungal takeover is the death of the hosts.

Likewise, spyware and malware enables the cyberterrorists to alter your device operating environment by transferring malware codes to your electronic devices. The ultimate takeover is the complete loss (death) of your social identification.

Human bodies have intelligently developed a defense mechanism in order to burn the bridges between the invasive parasitic microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria and the hosts by killing all infected cells which is erroneously called an autoimmune disease.


Bioterrorists target destruction of this human ability to repair the damaged cells by developing and injecting new species of pathogens into the human bodies or by spreading the new species into the air. Bioterrorists use microorganisms to invade your biological bodies and minds. Likewise, cyberterrorists use spyware to invade your electronic devices and accounts.

Is the life-purpose of the cyberterrorists and bioterrorists destruction of the world? Whatever you build, it will be destroyed by the destroyers. Their life-purpose hardly changes and they won’t waste their skills, if their lives are spared. Unless the loopholes were patched, which did not happen, the death penalty is inevitable in all countries.

The earth will be filled with the cyberterrorists and bioterrorists if the punishment is ignorable. The size of a war between the law enforcement and the criminals is no longer measurable by the size of weapons or head count. Anybody who takes control of the next move is the winner. Roman emperors effectively suppressed potential riots by publicly displaying the heads of betrayers cut off from the bodies.

All countries must decide what should be done to those destructive parasitic humans (terrorists) to permanently eradicate them who destroy human bodies and work environment where humans endeavor for the benefits of mankind. The loss of time and economy caused by those terrorists is “priceless”.

Legislators in each country must develop a new defense mechanism against the destructive parasitic humans like our immune systems developed the best defense system. Our immune system attacks its own body cells to permanently destroy the mutated cells and abort the infection (to prevent spread), which is the most intelligent decision.

The economy of the life sentencing for hackers worldwide will be equal to the economy of buying several rich countries in the world. If the death penalty commonly becomes a penal law against the terrorists in all countries, all hackable device users may not need to purchase antivirus programs annually until they die.

Hackable device users and antivirus programs

Imagine how much money they can save by an effective law. How many hackers do you think will take the risk of their lives to spy on your computers and phones? The most efficient law is the law that can suppress the criminal minds. To abort the criminal minds, the authorities must broadcast the public execution worldwide.

Fungally infected zombie ants were able to bite the necks of another ants because they had not been permanently eradicated from the forest in the first place. Perhaps, the answers can be found by questioning, “Are the destructive parasitic humans worth the loss of time and economy of the world and what is the benefit of opening the next door for those destroyers?”

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