By eating the survived plants, you survive

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In the 20th century, when Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) introduced alternate current, Thomas Edison reportedly deceived the world by electrocuting an elephant Topsy to discredit Tesla’s findings.

In the 21st century, during the last 2 years, 98 holistic doctors have reportedly been murdered. This is the time when there has been no way to prove that holistic treatments that use natural products are not effective or inferior to pharmaceutical products that humans sell.

There is evidence of effectiveness of natural products. Living organisms are the evidence of survival in the infectious environment where parasitic microorganisms invade all organisms. By eating the survived plants that contain the antifungal and antibacterial properties, you become antifungal and antibacterial because you are what you eat.

You become sugary when you eat sugar and you become salty when you eat salt. By eating alkaline properties, you become alkaline. You never become acidic by eating alkaline foods.

However, just like your LDL cholesterol level skyrockets even if you are not eating cholesterol abundant foods, your body becomes acidic even if you are not eating acidic foods. Why is that so? What causes your body to be acidic?

And why do you think 0.9% NaCl is injected to your body when you feel like you are going to vomit because you drank too much alcohol or ate too many acidic foods?

Knowledge is the power to save yourself. Without knowing biochemistry, there is no way to understand your body because you are the result of biological and chemical phenomenon.

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