What Are The Connections Between Arthritis/Sleep Paralysis And Electrons?

Arthritis and Sleep Paralysis

Bones have many nerves in them which means bones can feel a lot of pain. When two bones touch each other, two bones can grind on each other causing pain unless there is something between them. Joint fluid exists between bones.

The joint fluid is called synovial fluid which is found in the cavities of synovial joints. It reduces friction between the articular cartilage and other tissues in joints by lubricating and cushioning them during movement. When your body starts to move, the synovial fluid in the cartilage is squeezed out in order to reduce friction between bones.

In each time when your bones are used to do your daily activities such as walking, electrons are required to make the joint fluid squeezed out so that you don’t feel pain. However, patients with arthritis suffer from the arthritic pain because the process to trigger joint fluid to expand in their bodies is interfered by parasitic fungi that disrupt their metabolism. In other words, Electron Transport System (ETS) is disrupted. When you are infected by pathogens, electrons that deliver a message (information) to cause the fluid to expand are not transferred. Therefore, cellular information is not shared properly between cells.

Crystals (NaCl, Sodium Chloride) in your cartilage has been blamed for arthritis. These crystals may be the consequence of enhanced defense system to protect your body from pathogenic infection. Crystals are formed when you need to have more electrons to defeat pathogens that disrupt human metabolism by turning everything to acids. Tears (Sodium) are intelligently produced by cellular intelligence to remove harmful microorganisms out of your eyes. Likewise, crystals can be intelligently formed to activate the ETS.

Crystals are used to ignite combustible gas in the gas stove. They are used because they can cause electricity. When bodies are infected, the piezoelectric effect of crystals is cancelled or impaired because pathogens constantly produce acids by removing electrons from atoms that should keep your joint fluid and bones healthy and functioning. This cancelling process is called fermentation or atom decay.

This defense system is activated if patients were infected during the injection. Crystals can move into the space between the bones in a joint. This space is called joint cavity. The joint cavity is nothing but a consequence of the failure to transport electrons in the body. The joint cavity can disappear when your body absorbs the sunlight which reverses the failed ETS instantaneously. This is the reason why patients with arthritis feel less pain when the cloudy or rainy weather changes back to the sunny weather.

Now you can understand how the joint cavity (decay) is created and understand why you feel much better when the sunlight reaches your body in the morning. In some cases, turning the light on in your room can rapidly reduce the pain because the electrons in your room can be picked up by your body.

However, crystals (Sodium Chloride) can also be formed if you took too much pain reliever (Sodium) or 0.9 percent Sodium Chloride (Saline Solution). Think about "You Are What You Eat".

People who have experienced sleep paralysis are aware of their inability to move their muscles that do not immediately respond to their attempt (conscious mind) to wake up. The sleep paralysis is common to people whose neurological system is impaired by chronic or acute infections because their bodies undergo atom decay (electrons lost) more severely during the night because the lost electrons cannot be gained back at night. This type of chronic infection (chronic fatigue is a symptom of infection) is likely not diagnosed by your doctor.

What can you do to increase electrons (in other words, have higher frequencies) if the weather is not sunny? What else can parasitic fungi cause to your bodies at night or during the day? Find out the answers in my book, The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

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