Book Donation to 50 State Libraries

The actress Scarlett Johansson’s snotty tissue was sold at $5,300 on eBay according to BBC News. This price was reached after total 83 bids were placed. This weird suggestion was broadcasted through Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and the news spread through major news media.

This news is one sad episode to people who could not get valuable news published by any major broadcasting system. It is also a shame that people would spend so much money for garbage and refuse to spend money to preserve environment.

That episode was a discouragement or an insult to people who spend their lifetime and their savings to save the earth for live organisms such as plants, animals and humans. Media should not aim at a large audience by delivering more ridiculous or weirder news. Every single public figure or organization has much bigger responsibility. Depending on what news was delivered to audience, people’s conducts, values, and directions change.

Between 2015 and 2017, during the time when I hosted campaigns through Facebook, I had been contacted by over 5,000 people across the world, who had been injured by pathogens living inside homes and offices. They could not get any help from their doctors, responsible parties, or even from their own family members due to the lack of knowledge on parasitic fungi.

Instead, those doctors accused that mothers inflicted the idea of sickness on their children and they contacted social workers who moved the sick children to foster care systems. Those sick children died during the time when they were separated from their parents. However, no single broadcasting system would report this.

Lawyers’ offices charge fees $25-$35 to send a document to their clients by fax. Medical centers charge fees $10-$120 for patients who are requesting a copy of their own medical records. There is no reason to take a test without receiving the result which means that without a request, the result must be mailed to each patient without additional charge. A snotty tissue was sold at $5,300.

This is a world of confusion and craziness. People pay much less money for books than for a fax fee, a copy of medical records, or a snotty tissue. Without knowledge, people pay over hundreds of dollars to consume harmful foods that have been making them ill for decades.

I will donate my book, The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi ($69, published in the U.S., registered with the United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization, the research period: 15 years), one copy to one State library per month, totaling 50 copies for 50 State libraries in the U.S.

This donation begins in December 2019 and ends in January 2024 which is 50th month. From 2024, the campaign may extend to 100 foreign national libraries for my book fans living in the countries.

The donation request should be submitted by the end of December 2019 either by the State librarians or by book readers who reside in the State.

First come, first served.

In each month, one copy of my book will be directly delivered to the State library address which should be submitted by the requesters along with the librarian’s name and phone number at the following page.


This campaign aims to increase awareness of environmental hazard from parasitic microorganisms that have been found in air, water, crops, fermented foods, animal and human bodies, feces and medicines causing diseases to children and families whose illnesses have been neglected or misdiagnosed as a cold by their healthcare providers who also believe that patients are faking illness.

The book provides the reasons why LDL cholesterol is likely a mutated fungal sterol and why autoimmune diseases are the consequences. The book drew attention from Nobel laureates and NASA.

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