A False Theory, "Munchausen Syndrome"

False Theory, Munchausen Syndrome

The British General Medical Council (GMC) struck Roy Meadow, a pediatrician from the British Medical Register since he abused “the theory of Munchausen Syndrome (faking illness = Meadow law)” in order to falsely accuse the mother, Sally Clark of killing her own children while her children died of pathogenic infection.

Dr. Fauci stated that, as an infectious disease doctor, he had no answer to the question why pathogens discriminately killed people during the CoVID19 pandemic.

The number of antibody tests is nearly zero comparing to the number of pathogens (4.5-15 million species). However, social workers, healthcare providers, or judges have acted like God by abusing the theory in many dependency courts even though "Meadow law" caused Roy Meadow to be disqualified as it revealed that his theory was false.

It is time to legislate a law to criminalize the act of social workers who remove children from homes based on a theory that mothers are likely suffering from a delusion because social workers, healthcare providers and judges know everything about pathogens and antibodies.

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